'Work Hard, Play Hard, See You In The Graveyard'



The second full-length album by Popes Of Chillitown. Released 15th May 2015

Big Cheese: 8/10
If you're looking for a band who play the kind of ska punk that's infused with a variety of styles and influences like Capdown and The King Blues were so great at, then get this second album from Popes Of Chillitown. While opener 'Vamos A La Luna' shows Matt Conner's vocal skills, it's on the album highlight 'OPOOM' that his almost-rapping delivery, the ska upstrokes and the brass mesh perfectly. On the reggae-infused '14 Time' they declare, "this is not Kingston, this is London, England". Get skanking and smiling.

- Tiff Pelascos
Big Cheese Magazine - August 2015

Scootering Magazine:
I'd written a massive list of reasons as to why you should buy this album. I'd mentioned the inventiveness, the songwriting, the humour, the infectious rhythms, the tightness of the band, their swagger, the experimental areas and that there were, at best, only a handful of UK bands that were on the same level as them. I'd observed that while they weren't preaching, they had things to say. It was noted that tunes comfortably jammed themselves into your brain, refusing to leave until long after the album had finished, and that an occasional lyric would bring a wry smile to the face of the listener if they were paying attention. Then I realised I'd written about three times my allotted words and thought that it could be more simply reviewed like this: "This could quite easily be the best new ska-punk album this year. It's going to take an absolute monster to best it. Buy it."

- Nik Skeat
Scootering Magazine - June 2015

RockFreaks.net: 9/10
We all come across live acts that blow our minds enough that we need to tell the whole world about them, and recently for me London ska band Popes Of Chillitown became that band. Luckily enough the six-piece released an album back in May called “To The Moon” that I can tell you all about instead. Classing themselves as ska/dub/punk, Popes Of Chillitown provide a mixture of chilled out rhythms from their dub element, but it is the pure energy in the ska and punk side that carries this London act forward.
“To The Moon” is a fantastic second album from Popes Of Chillitown. To quote a line from their track “14 Time”, “This is not Kingston, this is London, England” - The 6-piece are announcing themselves truly into the UK ska punk scene for a lot more people to take notice, and figure as likely torch carriers in the coming years, with the likes of Random Hand and Beat The Red Light calling it quits for now at least. If you want something very fun with lots of energy and something to go absolutely crazy to then “To The Moon” is a vital listen and quite possibly the most enjoyable ska-punk album I have heard in recent years. Considering that this album is self-produced and was funded by the means of crowdfunding it is an incredible feat!

- Makky Hall
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Colin's Punk Rock World:
To The Moon is a fantastic second album, it will have you dancing from beginning to end and there isn't a single track that feels like filler. I love the production on it, there is a rawness that makes you feel like at your a live show but still manages to sound crisp and clear. The Popes Of Chillitown have put out one of the best ska records of the year and should be the soundtrack to your summer.

- Colin Clark
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The Punk Archive:
This, their second studio album and their fourth release, is their best work yet. Without having left behind any of their fun and fury, Popes have matured their sound and packed their latest offering full of heart and intelligence. Having seen a fair amount of these tracks played live I can truthfully say the party is as vivid on the stage as it is on this release. I could genuinely run through why I like each track so much, and it's safe to say I think this album is brilliant start to finish. While Popes of Chillitown have managed to independently produce a great sounding record they have still maintained a rawness to the production allowing the listener to really feel what their live energy is like.

- Millie Manders

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ReadJunk: 4/5
Popes Of Chillitown are new to me with “To The Moon” being the first music that I’ve heard from these London based rudies. This is a pretty good introductory album if I may say so myself.

Upon my initial listen, I immediately made comparisons to early Howard’s Alias with a touch of Sonic Boom Six mixed in. Popes Of Chillitown play ska that is heavily influenced by 90s third wave ska. Songs hectically jump back and forth from fast ska Choking Victim style to a slower reggae-infused sound. I enjoy not knowing what to expect from song to song and you’re always in for a surprise with “To The Moon”.I’ve been enjoying the recent resurgence of ska punk bands from around the world and you can add “To The Moon” to the list of top notch ska punk albums. With energy from start to finish, catchy, danceable songs and socially aware lyrics, “To The Moon” keeps you wanting more. It is a marvelous achievement from the other side of the pond.

Bottom Line: A high energy ska punk album that keeps the mind sharp and the body moving.

- Creature Of War

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Punkaholics Anonymous:
After having listened to the album the previous days non stop, one thought kept popping on my mind, this his how you should do an album, in such a way that people will listen to it and actually be induced into a journey and left with the distinct feeling that you have to go and see these “stories” played live and in color.

With tracks like “Vamos a la Luna”, “Voluntary Execution” and “Wisdom Teeth”, that will make you full on skank around, even if you are in a Public Library, stuck in traffic or changing the diapers of your two year old baby.

Tracks like “Mummy’s Busy” will make you shake about, musically and mentally, but every song has a message that they succeed to bring to your ears, even if you are too busy to notice it.

All in all, this is an album we think you should have on your music collection, whatever platform you choose to do it on, and hear it for yourselves.

- @MikeA

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WithGuitars: 8.8/10
Through the course of the 11 tracks the new album never losing sight of a more expressive Ska-fueled goal. ‘To The Moon’ is a gem of an album. Popes of Chillitown should be well chuffed, spread the word, ‘To the moon’ will win old and new fans alike who’d no doubt feel like their Christmas has come early.  8.8/10

- Steve Janes

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Shout It Loud:
'To The Moon’ is a brilliant release from the band. Mixing in ska, punk, 2-tone and drum & bass, as well as a little bit of the reggae groove creating a high energy, fun and upbeat listen. Crammed with catchy melodies, hooks and harmonies that you can’t help but dance to the record as your feet begin to uncontrollably move.

- Chloe Bevan

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Live Reviews:
Level Up Festival - 30/7/17

Next up, significantly raising the dynamism and energy in the room are London’s very own Popes of Chillitown. Before these very eyes, the weekend’s hitherto biggest skank-fest breaks out [..] live, they are very much the real deal. [..] Bodies gyrate, lyrics barely two years old are chanted as if they have been sung in the shower since childhood and otherwise reserved crowd members who had been withholding a skank from society suddenly succumb to multiple episodes of the contagion. [..] With the Popes, it often feels as if they’re just doing what they want and too bloody right you’d want to try to be a part of the show in whichever way you can. [..] “Na na na-na-na na!” Fuck me, that hits the spot! Some four or so songs in, it’s time for “Wisdom Teeth” (2015), probably their biggest track. From the off, the infectious and imperious brasswork leads the room towards combustion point as shirtless frontman Matt then jumps in to spit some sublime syllable-per-second ratio-busting bars.
Full review: https://darrenspherical.wordpress.com/2017/07/30/king-prawn-plus-popes-of-chillitown-captain-accident-the-disasters-china-shop-bull-live-review-level-up-festival-2017-day-2-22-july-2017-new-cross-inn-london/

Camden Barfly 3/12/14

London’s Popes of Chillitown start the night off and from the get go they are full of energy. Combining the very best of punk, ska, reggae, dub and rap The Popes Of Chillitown are one of the most refreshing bands I’ve seen in a long time. Front man Matt is full of charisma and really grabs the audience’s attention. I’ve been aware of this band for a little while now but never really listened to them, after seeing them live I regret not making the effort. I enjoyed the bad so much. Check these guys out immediately.

Boomtown Fair 2014

Popes Of Chillitown might not have a label, national radio play or “commercial backing” but I walked in to a tent full of people, at least thirty of which were recognisable from the ska-punk scene in London. Their frontman Matt gets into the crowd and frenzies them up: a circle pit at dinner time is a pretty good achievement in my book! Their own brand of dub-punk is only getting better, their new material is harder and faster and with Matt’s exceptional vocals and never-ending energy levels you can’t fail but to love them.

Boomtown Fair 2013

Kicking off the Town Centre Stage The Popes Of Chillitown provided the perfect warm-up, getting the crowd up and dancing earlier than should be possible. More infectious than Ebola, it is almost impossible not to want to skank, jump, shake or wiggle when you listen to these guys. Heavy Ska that stops just short of becoming Ska-Punk, their horns are funky, their rhythm section is tighter than Tory welfare policy and their frontman is a man possessed. It is however their sheer enthusiasm that marks them out from many of their contemporaries, as the Popes’ seem to be having just as much fun onstage as their audience is off.






Popes of Chillitown play ska/dub/punk with a progressive edge. Impossible to tie down and with enough energy to power a small city, their songs drag you through punk, two-tone, rock, hip-hop, reggae, drum & bass, dub, metal and more.

Renowned for their energetic live shows, they have amassed a loyal following over the years. Since 2011, Popes have released 3 well-received albums, 2 EPs, toured the UK with US legends Fishbone, Voodoo Glow Skulls & The Slackers as well as doing extensive headline touring of their own across the UK & Europe.

Their latest album ‘Work Hard, Play Hard, See You In The Graveyard’ was released in May 2018.

“Everything here is top draw quality. There’s not a song on the record that I’d describe as less than a goddamn riot ... this is a desert island album. If someone told me this was the only thing I could listen to for the rest of my life then I’d probably die a happy man” - Colin’s Punk Rock World

“From the start, energy bursts from the speakers as colourful melodies from the horns dance and twist above the guitar, bassline and drums [but] this isn’t simply another bouncy ska record.” - Songwriting magazine

“They waste no time in redeeming their rightful place as one of the most diverse and complex beings in the punk genre ... Their ability to completely surprise you at every turn and provide tune after tune is incredible and massively admirable.” - The Cozy Chronicles

“Some of these tracks are the best that Popes have ever written.” - RockFreaks.net



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